Step 1

Proceed to our Contact Us page and fill out the the short online form and click “submit”.You can also call us at 434-685-2345 or send us a short email to giving us some information about your pets, your needs and requirement for their care, your general location, and the number and type of visits that you would like.

Step 2

We respond to your email with a FREE Customized Quote based on your requests. On occasion we may require additional information in order to complete a more accurate estimate.


Step 3

After you review our quote and confirm your interest in our services we will provide you with a list of references.


Step 4

After you have verified our references we can set up an in-person meeting with you and your pets. This is an opportunity to review our Services Agreement and answer any questions you may have.


Step 5

At the time our Service Agreement is signed we will pick up a key or garage door opener that will allow us access to your home. These items will be returned within 24 hours of your arrival back at home.

It’s that Easy!

We appreciate your interest in PetKary – Pet Siting and Transportation Services. Proceed to the Contact Us page to take the first step in providing exceptionally good care for your pets and for your home.